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● Matthew de Wilde
  Part : lead vocals, keyboards, tambourine
  Birthplace : Sydney, Australia
  Birth date : 1968/10/04 (Libra)
  Blood type : unknown
  Hobbies : soccer (Urawa Reds), watching BBC news, cooking, watching movies
  I respect : Strange Taste members, family, instrument makers, John Lennon
  Important : education
  Favorite album : Bob Marley "Survival", Sade "Best of...", Massive Attack "Mezzanine"
  Favorite place : studio, livehouses, balcony, bed
  Favorite expression : "Peace", "We Are Reds!"
  Message : Strange Taste supports through music the vast majority of people's desire for love, equality, environmental protection and subsequent world peace.

● Naoji Nishikata
  Part : guitar, backing vocals
  Birthplace : Tokyo, Katsushika (a true downtowner)
  Birth date : 1968/05/08 (Taurus)
  Blood type : A
  Hobbies : fishing, camping, driving, walking, watching movies, sleeping, daydreaming, reading
  I respect : Strange Taste members, people who don’t bow to authority
  Important : my wife & child, Strange Taste, my guitars, etc
  Favorite album : Pink Floyd "MEDDLE"、Massive Attack "protection"
  Favorite place : studio
  Favorite expression : Youth! Watch your government!
  Message : We can’t always change the world. But we can change ourselves. In the end, a change to our selves can result in a change for our world.

  Part : drums, percussion, vocals
  Birthplace : Saitama
  Birth date : 1974/09/20 (Virgo)
  Blood type : O
  Hobbies : playing with my cat, playing guitar
  I respect : Jerry Garcia
  Important : my feelings
  Favorite album : “Without a Net”, “Exodus”, “The Velvet Underground 2nd”etc
  Favorite place : home
  Favorite expression : Have fun!
  Message : Have fun!

  Part : bass guitar
  Birthplace : Saitama
  Birth date : 1970/08/07 (Leo)
  Blood type : A
  Hobbies : mucking around in the garden
  I respect : Watari Tetsuya
  Important : musical instruments
  Favorite album : “Live Dead”, “Built to Last”
  Favorite place : the beach, mountains
  Favorite expression : consideration for others
  Message : I’m told I’m as pure and delicate as a little girl…

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